How to PUT ON pounds over the festive period

Ok guys, here are just a few tips on how to successfully PUT ON WEIGHT over Christmas and New Year.


Christmas is almost here and we just switch off from being healthy and switch on our ‘festive batteries’ thinking that this is the only time of the year when we can eat and drink whatever we want right? So, here you go – dedicated to all those aiming at upsizing your clothes in January smiley2

spare tyres

1. CHOCOLATE, WINE, BISCUITS AND MINCE PIES are all on special offers in supermarkets now. Go and get them ALL while stock lasts, make sure you buy a few boxes of each and a few cases of wine or you might run out of them by the end of 2013 or they will be out of date by 2014! 

The more – the better…that’s the secret to multiplying those fabulous spare tires around your waist 😉 

wine and cheese2. By the end of November – beginning of December you have done enough exercises for the year – time to stop going to the gym, attend fitness classes, cycling, running etc!  It’s time to start enjoying a glass or 2 of vino, cheese, cakes, mince pies and chocolates on a daily basis because it’s that time of the year when you can do that without feeling guilty about it. Guilt usually comes in January, but you have the whole month till January so open that bottle, get that tin of biscuits out of the cupboard and enjoy your treats on December nights in front of the fire or TV  – we only live once and remember: we live to eat  not eat to live 😉

 drunk xmas 3.  On the day of your Christmas party it’s better not to eat anything or you might not be able to eat that 5 course Christmas meal (oooops). And don’t drink water on your night out – nights out are for drinking alcohol not water. There’s no reason why you should even pace yourself and stay hydrated  – it’s more fun to be one of the wobbling bodies on the dance floor bumping into people and thinking to yourself that you are pulling the Patrick Swayze moves. 

4. When you wake up in the morning (or early afternoon) after a Christmas night out your must have breakfast should be a good old fry up which must be fried not grilled (why would you grill a FRY UP?? that’s just pure silly isn’t it!). What can be better than stuffing yourself with even more fat and cholesterol!

fry up

  Your breakfast must include black pudding, a couple of sausages, fried bread, and hush browns – this is the perfect combination that will almost certainly cure your hangover. Don’t even think of maybe going for a walk and getting some fresh air the day after your night out – get comfy on your couch and finish that tin of biscuits from your cupboard.

cakes 5. Never miss out on numerous tea breaks and home baking at work (cupcakes with sugary fatty icing, shortbread, cakes, biscuits, donuts yum yum). Forget about snacking on low-fat greet yogurt with a handful of nuts and berries – who needs to keep those cravings at bay when it’s almost Christmas! A good take away a couple of times a week for your lunch is also a good idea to keep that Christmas spirit going at work! Who needs those chicken salads and homemade soups at this time of the year?! 



smiley xmas





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