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My Bali Adventures. Day 2

That long awaited sleep had to wait for 10 hours as for the second time in less than a year my Bali trip was affected by an erupting volcano (the same one as in 2017).

So far volcano is definitely winning:

Erupting Volcano 2: Trip to Bali 1

We were told to go to a restaurant to get the food vouchers and have some food while waiting for information. The food wasn’t the best and everyone was knackered.

At 2:20am and 2 coffees after we were told the flight might be delayed for even longer. Then the news arrived that we were to wait til 8am for any further updates.

I made friends with a lovely Swiss girl and we were chatting the whole night in between walking up to the restaurant and walking around the airport. I would have been long fast asleep if I was on my own.

The updates came only about 10am and we could then depart 12noon.

By the time we eventually took off,  we had stayed at the airport for 10 hours. All this was followed up by an 11 hour flight.

The cabin crew and the guys at the airports were super nice and helpful. We also had WiFi on the plane and loads more new movies to watch in between regular feeds ;))

I am very grateful for the fact that the flight went ahead and  we were on our way to the final destination! Some people were stranded for well over 24 hours.

I’m only hoping for good positive flawless holiday! Only onwards and upwards from now on!!

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My Bali Adventures. Day 3

At last I am in Bali!!

I arrived to my accommodation – Puri Cendana Resort in Seminyak only at 6am on Saturday and set my alarm clock for 9am to have at least some sleep before my first day in Bali!

The place did look beautiful at night, but nothing in comparison to the way it looked in the morning! I walked to the restaurant surrounded by green trees and other plants as well as numerous statues! Everything was so green and pure!!After having some fruit for breakfast I headed to the beach! I love water and warm sand.. It was so good to chill for a couple of hours on the beach in between playing with the waves and drinking coconut water out of a young coconut while listening to my audiobook! I think I overdid it a bit and overestimated the whiteness of my skin .. My legs and upper body is lobster colour now!

Oh and there are 2 dogs living at the resort and I dare say their diet isn’t just rice and water. I haven’t caught them moving yet – all they do is sleeping (as well as obviously eating unless it’s just a water retention thing :))

And then I went to check out the surroundings. The whole street was like a pretty much big market with everyone selling almost the same stuff. You can easily take the price down to 50% in any of these market shops. Good thing I read about it before going to Bali otherwise I’d be paying full price there!

And the traffic is proper mental here! Nobody cares about zebra crossings – it is like a sea of scooters and taxis and all of them are beeping and all of them are so in your face offering a ride that it becomes really uncomfortable.

It was quite cool to see the village of Seminyak, although not that cool to be barked by a stray dog and be pestered by all the market people and the transport. I bought a few bits and bobs and had a delicious coconut and dragon fruit ice cream with fresh mango.

The highlight of the evening was a beautiful sunset on the beach! Balinese beach sunsets has been on my bucket list for a while (as well as the trip to Bali itself, and as well as a yoga retreat in a warm country). So after this week, all these three things can be ticked off my bucket list.

I was kind of hoping that the beach wouldn’t be too overcrowded when it came to the sunset, but it seemed like all the tourist from the area descended onto that beach!

The sun sets in Bali quite early, about 5:30-6pm and the beach was heaving! It didn’t spoil the beautiful scenery though.

After walking around for an hour looking for a place to eat I finally settled on a restaurant with pretty and incredibly comfy cocoon like swinging chair. I didn’t even check the menu, but loved the chairs so the decision was made!! I was sooooo hungry! All I had to eat today was a few slices of fruit and an ice cream! Well, I did make up for it tonight ;))

I’m going to have an early night as I would like to be up for the sunrise and I’m also going on a tour of a few Balinese places early tomorrow with the hire drives before getting to the Yoga Retreat.

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My Bali Adventures. Day 1

Part 2. Qatar Flights.

I’m writing this as we are just about to land in Doha (I’ve actually just found out on this flight from the maps on TV where Doha is!). Apparently it’s not that far from Baku (I was born there and moved to Belarus when I was 1 or 2). It’s fascinating how we are all only a flight away from all these awesome destinations!!

Qatar crew was so lovely and customer service was exceptional! I noted down my gluten free preferences when booked the tickets and didn’t think they would be taken into consideration. Not only they brought me a special gluten free meal, but also made sure I had gluten free stuff after.

Appearance wise these guys look exceptional starting from make up, uniform to their general physique, friendliness and they can’t do enough for you!

The plane is awesome! There was WiFi on board, but it wasn’t really working too well which was fine as there was plenty of other stuff to do!

After watching 3 movies (I, Tonya, Murder on the Orient Express and The Vanishing Of Sidney Hall) and having tonic and gin (exactly in that order as for a moment I thought the tonic wasn’t even there ;)) I’m now ready to board my next flight and hopefully have some sleep!


My Bali Adventures. The Intro

The Story That Led To It.

It all started in 2013 when I decided that I just had to have another degree (I had already had one in Linguistics by then) in Business, Management & Marketing. 4 yeas later and many many stressful days and nights that came with it I graduated from UHI with that exact degree and to be honest with not necessarily a wide spectrum of knowledge that I was hoping to get out of the course.

I remember finishing off my last assignment on a module that I had no interest in whatsoever and my daughter wanted to play with me. I yet again gave her the excuse of having to finish yet another assignment. She wasn’t impressed and I felt guilty..again. But when I told her that it was the very last one her eyes lit up! She was so excited and kept asking me if I was ‘pinky promise’ sure it was the last assignment and when I ensured her that it really was she was happy to let me finish it. After graduating I had loads of quality time with Eva taking her out and just being there for her!

I found these 4 years quite stressful, but being stubborn and hating quitting I held up to the end. It was hard, stressful and time consuming. Hats off to Angus for carrying me and my stresses and moods through these 4 years!

And I learnt a good lesson: sometimes quitting isn’t a bad thing. You should go with the gut feeling not with the head sometimes.

So, that summer I thought that I would go away somewhere as a treat for being under so much pressure for 4 years. And I chose Bali!

I booked a retreat in Bali for October 2017, but ended up not flying there as the biggest volcano on the island was just about to erupt any time then. After yet another couple of stressful weeks of trying to decide whether to take that risk and go or stay safe I decided to stay put and transferred the retreat to July 2018.

So here I am now, on my first flight from Inverness to Birmingham with 2 more flights and 18 hours of travel ahead of me (which turned out way more than that!)

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5 Tibetan Rites is a series of exercises that I learnt while doing my Yoga teacher training. I practiced them for a few weeks and felt great. Then I stopped and moved on to something else.. as you do..

Two weeks ago one of my class participants mentioned the Rites and said she had been doing them for a couple of days and never felt better. And I thought I’d share the practice with you.

The Five Tibetan Rites is a system of exercises that dates back to more than 2,500 years old. They were first mentioned in a publication called The Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder in 1939.

The Five Rites is a form of Tibetan yoga, which is similar to the Indian yoga practice. The difference between the two is that traditional Tibetan Yoga style as well as the Five Rites is more of a flow or Vinyasa style, with movements flowing rather than being held as “static positions” traditionally practiced in India.

It is said that they aid in improving health and support emotional well-being as well as enhancing mental clarity, memory and balancing hormones.

So how exactly does it work and why are these exercises so good for you?

I’d like to ask you to read this with an open mind and if you do believe in chakras then you should be quite comfortable with the terminology. If you are on the fence or a non believer then just refer to them as energy centres.

‘The rites stimulate the energy system of the body, wake up the chakras, and get energy moving throughout every cell in your body. The lamas believe that the Five Tibetan Rites stimulate all seven chakras to spin rapidly at the same rate. They believe that the aging process can be defined by the level of activity in one or all of the chakras. If any one of the chakras is blocked and its natural spin rate is slowed, then vital life energy cannot circulate, and illness and aging set in.’

The 5 Rites should be performed as a sequence and you should start with 3 repetitions of each exercise in the first week and then add 2 more per week up until you manage to do 21 repetitions of each rite (21 is considered to be a sacred number to Tibetans)

They should preferably be performed in the morning on an empty stomach.

You can watch a video on how to perform the movements or read the description below.

You can access the video by clicking here.

This is a description taken from one of the blogs online (the link to the article is just below the description)

Rite 1

Stand with your arms outstretched and horizontal to the floor, palms facing down. Make sure your arms are in line with your shoulders. Your feet should be about hip distance apart. Draw the crown of your head up toward the ceiling. Focus on a spot in front of you so that you can count your rotations. Spin around clockwise until you become a little dizzy. Gradually increase the number of spins from three to 21.
Breathing: Inhale and exhale deeply as you spin.

Tip: If you feel super dizzy, interlace your fingers at your heart and stare at your thumbs. Also have a chair very nearby to grab onto to steady yourself if you feel as if you are going to fall.

This movement is known to release negative energy and balance the emotions.

Rite 2
Lie flat on the floor. Fully extend your arms along your sides and place the palms of your hands against the floor. If you have lower back issues, place your fingers underneath your sacrum. As you inhale, raise your head off the floor, tucking your chin into your chest. Simultaneously lift your legs, knees straight, into a vertical position. If possible, extend your legs over your body toward your head. Then slowly exhale, lowering your legs and head to the floor, keeping your knees straight and your big toes together.

Breathing: breathe in deeply as you lift your head and legs, and exhale as you lower them.The second rite strengthens the abs and stimulates the energy center associated with the pancreas.

Rite 3
Kneel on the floor with your toes curled under. Place your hands on the backs of your thigh muscles. Tuck your chin in toward your chest. Slide your hands down the backs of your thighs as you draw your shoulders back and your head up toward the sky. Keep in mind that you are arching your upper back more than your lower back. Move your head back as if you were drawing a line with your nose on the ceiling. Slowly return to an upright position and repeat.

Breathing: Inhale as you arch your spine and exhale as you return to an erect position.This exercise opens the solar plexus, heart and throat. It also helps cleanse and balance the emotions.

Rite 4

Sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you and your feet about 12 inches apart. Place your palms on the floor alongside your sitz bones. As you gently drop your head back, raise your torso so that your knees bend while your arms remain straight. You are basically in a table-top position. Slowly return to your original sitting position. Rest for a few seconds before repeating this rite.

Breathing: Breathe in as you rise up into the pose, hold your breath as you tense your muscles, and breathe out fully as you come down.This pose increases energy to the sacral region and is a gentle way to strengthen the thighs and glutes.

Rite 5

Lie down on your belly with your palms face down and in line with your bra strap. Press up into an upward-facing dog by curling your toes under, lifting your heart, and drawing your shoulders back. Your arms should be straight. Look straight ahead of you, or if you are a little more flexible, gently draw your head back, taking your eyes toward the sky. Then draw your hips up and back, extending your spine, into downward-facing dog pose. Repeat by moving back and forth between downward- and upward-facing dog.

Breathing: Breathe in as your rise up into upward-facing dog; breath out as you push back into downward-facing dog. This is the most vigorous of all the rites and is a great way to revitalize the energy centers in the body (

I have also found a very good article on the rites, its benefits and feedback from people practicing it. Click here to access it. 

Give it a go and see what you think about it! It does not take a lot of time and you do not need a lot of space to perform the rites either.

Have fun with the practice and let me know how you are getting on!

Love & hugs,