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My Bali Adventures. Day 1

Part 2. Qatar Flights.

I’m writing this as we are just about to land in Doha (I’ve actually just found out on this flight from the maps on TV where Doha is!). Apparently it’s not that far from Baku (I was born there and moved to Belarus when I was 1 or 2). It’s fascinating how we are all only a flight away from all these awesome destinations!!

Qatar crew was so lovely and customer service was exceptional! I noted down my gluten free preferences when booked the tickets and didn’t think they would be taken into consideration. Not only they brought me a special gluten free meal, but also made sure I had gluten free stuff after.

Appearance wise these guys look exceptional starting from make up, uniform to their general physique, friendliness and they can’t do enough for you!

The plane is awesome! There was WiFi on board, but it wasn’t really working too well which was fine as there was plenty of other stuff to do!

After watching 3 movies (I, Tonya, Murder on the Orient Express and The Vanishing Of Sidney Hall) and having tonic and gin (exactly in that order as for a moment I thought the tonic wasn’t even there ;)) I’m now ready to board my next flight and hopefully have some sleep!

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