My Bali Adventures. The Intro

The Story That Led To It.

It all started in 2013 when I decided that I just had to have another degree (I had already had one in Linguistics by then) in Business, Management & Marketing. 4 yeas later and many many stressful days and nights that came with it I graduated from UHI with that exact degree and to be honest with not necessarily a wide spectrum of knowledge that I was hoping to get out of the course.

I remember finishing off my last assignment on a module that I had no interest in whatsoever and my daughter wanted to play with me. I yet again gave her the excuse of having to finish yet another assignment. She wasn’t impressed and I felt guilty..again. But when I told her that it was the very last one her eyes lit up! She was so excited and kept asking me if I was ‘pinky promise’ sure it was the last assignment and when I ensured her that it really was she was happy to let me finish it. After graduating I had loads of quality time with Eva taking her out and just being there for her!

I found these 4 years quite stressful, but being stubborn and hating quitting I held up to the end. It was hard, stressful and time consuming. Hats off to Angus for carrying me and my stresses and moods through these 4 years!

And I learnt a good lesson: sometimes quitting isn’t a bad thing. You should go with the gut feeling not with the head sometimes.

So, that summer I thought that I would go away somewhere as a treat for being under so much pressure for 4 years. And I chose Bali!

I booked a retreat in Bali for October 2017, but ended up not flying there as the biggest volcano on the island was just about to erupt any time then. After yet another couple of stressful weeks of trying to decide whether to take that risk and go or stay safe I decided to stay put and transferred the retreat to July 2018.

So here I am now, on my first flight from Inverness to Birmingham with 2 more flights and 18 hours of travel ahead of me (which turned out way more than that!)

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