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Ease and Release November

Hello lovely people and hello November!! November is proving to be a very exciting month at Natallia’s Fitness HQ: more trainings, more workshops and a lot of exciting future projects!

Let me ask you: What is your passion? What makes you jump out of bed and sometimes ignore your children and sometimes forget to eat? What is it that can make you so excited that you walk with a spring in your step?

I can go first:  watching and re watching all the 5 seasons of Ally Mcbeal 😆 and Understanding Human Body it is for me (not at the same time but I do enjoy both of them ;))

I have always been interested in mobility, human anatomy and functional movement. 

My own teaching is very much based on principals of alignment and precision with a sprinkle of mindfulness, fun and strength. That’s why I was so drawn to CrossFit: a combined trio of Yoga, Pilates and Crossfit were all feeding off each other complimenting strength with mobility and breath work. Unfortunately I had to give up on Crossfit due to my wonky hip, but I still weight train a couple of times a week.

My first introduction to therapy balls and foam rollers happened back in 2008 during my Pilates training; and came from a well known in the UK fitness professional, who was at the time training for the Ironman triathlon. Since then we have been using the balls for foot massage and trigger points release in my Pilates classes and in a couple of Aerial sessions as well. 

Foam rollers have been a huge part of my Pilates sessions for years now: we use them for Pilates exercises as well as for rolling out.

After attending a Yoga & Myofascial Release (MFR) training in September with Rachel Land at Kali Collective studio in Glasgow, I have been enjoying working with the balls and other MFR tools incorporating them in a variety of sessions: Yoga, Pilates, Barre and one to one practices. I’m fascinated about fascia and the ways to manipulate it to make us humans function more efficiently.

I have already started feeding MFR techniques into all of my classes and I’ll be continuing doing that in November. We have 2 Wednesday Yoga Sessions combining Yoga & Myofascial Release coming up this month. 

Pilates crew have been introduced to the balls and foam rollers on a slightly deeper level already and there is more exciting stuff to come. 

In November I’m running my very first session incorporating therapy balls into an Aerial Yoga Practice. Both sessions have sold out crazy fast and there will be more of them coming in 2020! 

The benefits of using balls, foam rollers and yoga blocks for muscle and tension release, relaxation  and mobility aid are enormous. 

I’m very excited about the way my own teaching is going; and being a mobility geek I would love to help people to see what these tools can do for you. I can finally define my personal style of teaching and where and how I would like to take it further.

I’m beyond excited to continue my MFR training in December with Jill Miller  – founder of Yoga Tune Up! I bought the whole set of her Yoga Tune Up balls and the Roll Model Book a few years ago. I’ve listened to numerous podcasts with Jill and have been following her mobility and yoga journey, hip replacement phase and her blogs for a while now. Funny enough, I now have a Facebook badge of her top fan 🙂 So so excited about my London trip to Triyoga attend the course; and hopefully jump into a few yoga sessions while I’m there as well!

It has been an exciting phase for me recently with many things falling into the right places at the right time and new projects shaping up quite nicely. 

Please do visit my website to check out everything we offer; and our November newsletter with more information on all the happenings is landing in your inboxes this weekend.

What’s on in November?

  1. Pilates Fundamentals 6 week course

Starts 1st of November 

7:15pm – 8:30pm


The course has now started, but I can squeeze in 1 more person if you sign up until Friday the 8th of November. Group sessions are running alongside online 

  1. RRR: Yoga & Myofascial Release (MFR) Series (small group sessions)

***1/2 price offer on November Workshops***

I’m looking for 6 people to join my Saturday 2 Hour Yoga & Myofascial Release Sessions happening on the 17th and 30th of November.

These are the first long Yoga & MFR combined practices I’m running and I’m offering them at half the price of regular 2 hour sessions in exchange of your feedback and to trial the practices.

If you are interested in joining me please follow the link below and I’m looking forward to stretching, relaxing and releasing all those right muscles with you in November!

November, 16th (Saturday) – Yin & Release Yoga Practice with MFR

11am – 1pm


November, 30th (Saturday)Open Hips, Strong Core & Happy Feet Yoga Practice with MFR.

11am – 1pm


  1. Essential Yin & Sound Bath 

November, 24th

10am – 1pm

Mulbuie Hall

A morning of restorative yoga, pranayama and deep relaxation surrounded by aromas of essential oils and concluded by an hour of singing bowls.

We have been running this Workshop since March, 2019 and it is one of my most favourite sessions. 

This will be our last long session in 2019 and we would love to have you all joining us for a lovely Sunday morning practice.

  1. Aerial Yoga Workshops

All November Workshops are now FULL as well as 2 December ones. I have recently added a new afternoon session on the 1st of December – 1:30-3:30pm. Currently it has 5 spaces left. The last 5 Workshops have sold out crazy fast, so please do reserve your space if you don’t want to miss out!

I’ll release January and February sessions soon. I will be running one Sunday Yoga & Myofascial Release Workshop and 2 Friday Aerial Yoga Workshops per month.

Many many thanks for all your interest and I am very much looking forward to the sessions!

  1. ***New morning classes at The Studio in Inverness*** I am excited to share the news that I’ll be taking a few morning classes at The Studio starting from the 6th of November

Everyone is welcome to join these – upload GymCatch App, find The Studio and get booking!


6:30am – Power Yoga

7:15am – Barre


9:30am – Pilates

10am – Barre

Have an easy and happy November everyone!


Natallia xxx

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