Would you rather be FIT or SLIM?

Would you rather be FIT or SLIM?

Have you ever wondered why you are not managing to keep your weight off for long enough without drastically cutting down on your calorie intake and exercising to the point of exertion?  Do you know what happens when you eat little and exercise a lot? Yes, of course you will lose weight but will it be fat?? Maybe some of it will be, but most of it will be water and muscle mass. What happens to the people who are on low calorie diets? Most likely they will lose weight, but are they going to be lean? Is there going to be any change happening to their body shape? Most likely not. They will just shrink to a smaller version of their bigger selves and will still have the wobbly bits and loose skin and less lbs.


What would happen to the ‘fat losers’? Their body shape will change, they will become leaner and their weight might not change (they might even put on some weight because as we know muscles weigh more than fat!) and this can be maintained by following clean eating 80-90% of the time and appropriate exercise regime.

Without going into too much detail, here are just a few tips on how to turn your weight loss into fat loss:

  1. Know your carbs! Not all carbs are the same.  Try to cut down on carbs if you are on a fat loss/weigh loss mission. Sweet potatoes, brown rice, beans, quinua, couscous, root veg, rye bread etc are a good choice. You can still have your ‘white’ carbs but limit their consumption to a few bites per meal.

2. High PROTEIN diet is the best diet: meat, eggs, poultry, fish are a great source of protein and will keep you full for hours.

3. Know your fruit! Berries, apples, pears and grapefruit are your 1st choice if you are trying to cut down on sugar. Have them as your snacks.

4. Fill up your plate with veg (it has minimum sugar and high fiber content)

5. Exercise on an empty stomach or after fasts (full or intermittent)

6. Do WEIGHTS! Resistance training will help you to turn your fat into muscles.

7. Diversify your workouts: weight training,  cardio and walking/Yoga/Pilates are the best combo.

8. Sleep well and stress less!

And do have a treat meal once a week (or more depending on what your goal is)! We are all human and we like out food and wine so do treat yourself to a yummy meal and some wine or something else.

I find it hard not to eat some certain foods so I mostly stick to this 70%-80% of the time BUT I am going to try and be very good for the next 7-8 weeks, and see where it’s going to take me. I love food, and I love chocolate but I’m lucky that I also love all the veggies and fruit so I will give it my best (and since I’ve actually written it here I will have to stick to it!). I will try different exercise regimes and will hopefully come up with something more or less ideal for my lifestyle.

You can do it as well. Write down all your meals, snacks and exercise regime daily and then compare the notes and your measurements every week and see what has worked better for you. If you feel tired – up your protein and carbs intake (especially protein), if you feel great and are happy with the changes your body is going through and with your foods – don’t change anything!

Remember: we eat to live not live to eat!



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