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Splits…or maybe Not?

Splits… or maybe Not?

Ive recently read a BBC article linking Yoga and hip replacements and hip issues. Please do have a read it – it is a good one and I am totally, both hands and legs up, agree with the article 🙌🏼

I have hip displasia, which has unfortunately only been diagnosed this year. I was born with it, but it only really showed up around a year ago. My condition might have been aggravated by my exercise routine, but Yoga wasn’t the root cause of it.

Before I got the hip displasia diagnose, I was being treated from hip bursitis and hip impingement for well a few months. The pain wasn’t going away and I kept doing CrossFit, running and everything else I was not meant to be doing (as I know now) on the days when the pain would disappear, and then it would come back with the vengeance. It was very frustrating and upsetting.

I did a lot of research, listened to a few podcasts (Yogaland in particular, podcasts with Jill Miller who had a hip replacement and openly talked about it), and at that point of my life I discovered that many many yoga practitioners in their early 40s and 50s had hip replacements🙄

Why? Because if your hips are not anatomically and physiologically designed to get into splits, and you keep pushing them into the positions totally out of your reach – you will eventually p’ss those hips off. The rest is history…

It doesn’t mean Yoga is bad for you – Yoga is great for you if you don’t focus purely on the hips. You can add some other activities to compliment your Yoga practice: Pilates to strengthen your core and spine; Barre & Strength Conditioning to strengthen the muscles around tbe hip joint, Swimming, walking..

I stopped practicing splits as well as some other yoga poses and re designed my practice. I had to stop CrossFit after 6 years of training, and weight train sensibly a couple of times a week now; I stopped running and doing anything that can aggravate my hip condition and walk or use a bike instead.

Don’t push that hip to open beyond what’s comfortable, practice within your own limitations and abilities and always make sure you make it into YOUR practice – it doesn’t matter if a girl on a mat next to you can go into the splits and wrap her legs around her head… if it doesn’t serve your body – it won’t benefit you 💕

Love & hugs,

Natallia xxx