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My Bali Adventures. Day 11

On my last day in Bali we went to a yoga hub of Ubud – the Yoga Barn. We had breakfast and lunch in there, as well as tried out a Yoga session.

It was like practicing Yoga in a Yoga Paradise! The place was like a mini Yoga village with cafes, massage and spiritual practices places, vegan and raw vegan food, statues (even a Yoda Statue 🙂 and fountains, and with loads of green outdoor space!

There were a few studios there. The one I was in was an indoor one with a floor to ceiling window overlooking the green trees and statues. The rest of the studios were pretty much outdoors.

The timetable had a huge variety of classes and events. I could only manage 1 Power Yoga class due to having to leave in the afternoon.

It was so nice to just sit there and soak in the atmosphere of the place!

I can’t quite describe the feeling and the atmosphere in there except for I knew I would have to go back there and have at least a full week experience of being in that place.

We have had all the yoga sessions at the retreat held outside overlooking the jungle and surrounded by sounds of nature (and occasional bees and not so occasional mosquitoes ). So nice to be able to practice Yoga and meditation outside – very relaxing!

Beautiful experience and amazing memories of the place!

clean eating, gratitute, health and fitness, self help, travel

My Bali Adventures. Day 3

At last I am in Bali!!

I arrived to my accommodation – Puri Cendana Resort in Seminyak only at 6am on Saturday and set my alarm clock for 9am to have at least some sleep before my first day in Bali!

The place did look beautiful at night, but nothing in comparison to the way it looked in the morning! I walked to the restaurant surrounded by green trees and other plants as well as numerous statues! Everything was so green and pure!!After having some fruit for breakfast I headed to the beach! I love water and warm sand.. It was so good to chill for a couple of hours on the beach in between playing with the waves and drinking coconut water out of a young coconut while listening to my audiobook! I think I overdid it a bit and overestimated the whiteness of my skin .. My legs and upper body is lobster colour now!

Oh and there are 2 dogs living at the resort and I dare say their diet isn’t just rice and water. I haven’t caught them moving yet – all they do is sleeping (as well as obviously eating unless it’s just a water retention thing :))

And then I went to check out the surroundings. The whole street was like a pretty much big market with everyone selling almost the same stuff. You can easily take the price down to 50% in any of these market shops. Good thing I read about it before going to Bali otherwise I’d be paying full price there!

And the traffic is proper mental here! Nobody cares about zebra crossings – it is like a sea of scooters and taxis and all of them are beeping and all of them are so in your face offering a ride that it becomes really uncomfortable.

It was quite cool to see the village of Seminyak, although not that cool to be barked by a stray dog and be pestered by all the market people and the transport. I bought a few bits and bobs and had a delicious coconut and dragon fruit ice cream with fresh mango.

The highlight of the evening was a beautiful sunset on the beach! Balinese beach sunsets has been on my bucket list for a while (as well as the trip to Bali itself, and as well as a yoga retreat in a warm country). So after this week, all these three things can be ticked off my bucket list.

I was kind of hoping that the beach wouldn’t be too overcrowded when it came to the sunset, but it seemed like all the tourist from the area descended onto that beach!

The sun sets in Bali quite early, about 5:30-6pm and the beach was heaving! It didn’t spoil the beautiful scenery though.

After walking around for an hour looking for a place to eat I finally settled on a restaurant with pretty and incredibly comfy cocoon like swinging chair. I didn’t even check the menu, but loved the chairs so the decision was made!! I was sooooo hungry! All I had to eat today was a few slices of fruit and an ice cream! Well, I did make up for it tonight ;))

I’m going to have an early night as I would like to be up for the sunrise and I’m also going on a tour of a few Balinese places early tomorrow with the hire drives before getting to the Yoga Retreat.