Do you like it STEAMING hot!



 How can you lower cholesterol, lose weight, and get vitamins from a lamb chop? The answer is simple: by cooking with steam!

Steaming renders the fat from meat, leaving it in the water to be discarded. The conventional cooking methods broiling, baking and frying cook the fat back into the meat. Because steaming gets rid of fat, the meat is lower in calories and cholesterol. And you can steam just about everything!


►Do YOU have a steamer?

►Do you USE it or is it still in its packaging or in the shed or you can’t even remember what you’ve done to it?!

My guess is that almost all of us have a steamer but only 1 in 10 people (maybe even in 15) actually use it.

I must confess that I only bought one a few months ago but after buying it I cannot imagine now how I managed to survive without it for so long! If you are a busy mum/dad  – get yourself a steamer! It’s easy, tasty, and packed with goodies! And if cooking is not your strongest point (definitely not mine!) then a steamer is the solution to all your problems! You can steam chicken, fish, burgers, rice, veg, fruit – so basically almost anything and everything!

Here are just a few health benefits of steaming:

1. It retains food valuable nutrients, vitamins and mineral and maintains food moisture and freshness.


2. Steaming keeps food vibrant colors and natural flavors and softens food fibres, making food tender and easily digestible


3. No need for cooking oil or fat, which results in light and healthy meals.

4. Cooks almost all kinds of food from vegetables to meats to seafood to fruits and pasta fast and easy – you have a complete meal in less than 30 minutes!

steamed food

5. Great alternative to white carbs and processed food.

bread rollsausage

6. If you have children – introduce them to the healthy colourful food from early ages! 

baby and veg

Hope I have managed to convince you to invest into a slow cooker!

And here’s one of my easy clean eating recipes:


 turkey burgers

500G lean turkey beef

1 onion finely grated

1 egg

salt and pepper to taste (I don’t add salt, just pepper)

parsley/coriander/or any other herbs

(you can also add wilted chopped spinach)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, shape them into burgers and steam for 35-40 mins. Serve with steamed broccoli and cauliflower or salad.

Enjoy 😉