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My Bali Adventures. Day 2

That long awaited sleep had to wait for 10 hours as for the second time in less than a year my Bali trip was affected by an erupting volcano (the same one as in 2017).

So far volcano is definitely winning:

Erupting Volcano 2: Trip to Bali 1

We were told to go to a restaurant to get the food vouchers and have some food while waiting for information. The food wasn’t the best and everyone was knackered.

At 2:20am and 2 coffees after we were told the flight might be delayed for even longer. Then the news arrived that we were to wait til 8am for any further updates.

I made friends with a lovely Swiss girl and we were chatting the whole night in between walking up to the restaurant and walking around the airport. I would have been long fast asleep if I was on my own.

The updates came only about 10am and we could then depart 12noon.

By the time we eventually took off,  we had stayed at the airport for 10 hours. All this was followed up by an 11 hour flight.

The cabin crew and the guys at the airports were super nice and helpful. We also had WiFi on the plane and loads more new movies to watch in between regular feeds ;))

I am very grateful for the fact that the flight went ahead and  we were on our way to the final destination! Some people were stranded for well over 24 hours.

I’m only hoping for good positive flawless holiday! Only onwards and upwards from now on!!

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